Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-01-08 11:32:21 (UTC)


oy vey...
Okay! so... Its been awhile, I was on a discord server called shire and I got lots of feed back on my posts so it kinda replaced this. I need to get back to writing on my own and down into a diary, mainly because they shut down. The server owner felt like she failed us, not sure how because it was one of the best servers I ever joined. "The Outcasts" had more people, because helping people is a competition now. Owner of Outcasts had people in the Shire community and told the Shire owner that she “mind as well just merge because we're better and you are a smell pathetic server.” I didn't join them, didn't even take a look, because taking someone's server down to help yours is just bad. so screw you outcasts.... my alternate accounts have been caught so that was a small mess, deleted them and made another and not going to make the same mistakes. My boyfriend friend is still with me, he was upset but not mad when I told him everything about the picture. I also decided that I need to get my hands in control, my personal activities that I did 3 times a day just needed to be brought to a halt. they say masturbation is normal but what I was doing wasn't, I was doing it to ignore feelings and that is never good for you. It's been 8 days since I played with myself and I'm very proud of myself and so is Leon, he said that I didn't stand a chance to not do anything until my birthday because of my addiction so I surprised him that I got this far. Today is also his birthday, January 8th. If I make it to my birthday I still won't touch myself, I want to see how far I can go without stimulation. First it was painful but day 8 feels great, it encourages me to go longer. But to wait until the 27th? not sure if I can wait that long, I do find it funny that our birthday's are in the same month, he's 8th and mine 27th. My sister's is January 7th. well, wish me luck.

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