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2019-01-09 16:05:20 (UTC)

Snowed in and reality tv

I am really tired.. Could almost go to bed now with no hesitation lol, I won't but I could.. I will go to bed around 10 again tonight and take something earlier to help me fall asleep by then. I work tomorrow then I am off til Monday. Thank heavens.. I had my shrink today after work and it went well.. I always look forward to those, it's nice to say outloud everything that is spinning circles in my head, it validates my feelings and thoughts are real and I am not judged or told what I feel is wrong. He just listens and advises where He feels I need it. I am so blessed He's my shrink and has been for many years. I enjoy my sessions and will continue to make time for them. He said He wanted to hear all about Vegas..hmm, I said "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" lol, He laughed and said fair enough, just be safe. He's a good doctor :)

Tonight, nothing planned.. We have been getting a snowstorm the last 24 hours off and on and under a snowstorm warning. I woke to blizzard like conditions which made for a fun drive to work and more called for this evening so I am staying in and catching up on tv shows.. New Amsterdam is recorded, season premiere as well as two of my Chicago Series are recorded.. Think my SWAT is recorded too, so good tv planned tonight. I just saw a message from B that said "we are going to talk this over tonight, clear 7pm. I will call you".. hmm, sounds kinda Dom like haha.. I will answer..because I want answers one way or another. I am not living in limbo again. Me not answering His texts today I think really concerned him because I got a message earlier that said " I care about you very much and I want this to work between us" who knows... I just know I can't handle this inconsistency. So, we'll see.. I still think I am not ready to move on but I will hear Him out.

Ok It's a few hours later, reality held me hostage for a bit.. going to go as B is calling in a few..

Hope everyone has a good evening..