My Memos To The Void
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2019-01-10 04:09:19 (UTC)

It's just medicine

It's just a pill
or two
or three
maybe even four
just enough to numb me out, I swear
No, I don't have a death wish
I just want the pain to stop
I think my kidneys are shutting down
switch the prescription
maybe somehow it'll fix itself
or you'll have to give me more medicine.

Liquid courage
the courage to live
a shot
or two
or three
maybe even four
just enough to numb me out
I didn't want to cry tonight
I wanted to forget it all
my liver is furiously protesting
drink some more
maybe ill pass out
maybe ill find another party

Take the pill
chase with a shot
run a blade over beautiful ivory skin
pure like the clear blue sky
now red as a sunset
the death of a day
the beginning of a long night.
a night five thousand hours long
where the silence mocks
and the windowsill beckons
and my heartbeat angers you
and i will try again tomorrow

but as the sun rises
my tired eyes dry
i pick up the pieces
of a broken bottle
and a broken heart

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