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2019-01-08 18:40:09 (UTC)

Kicked ass at the gym

Today was what we called Tobata Tuesday. Full of cardio if you know what that is. I freaking love it. It's one of my two favorited days to work out. The other day is what we call AMRAP Thursday. Full blast all the way. I lit up my my-zone tonight. FYI, my-zone is like a fitbit thing but the sensors are more accurate and better. We have a big monitor at the gym and it posts everyone's current stats while we work out. Red is when you are over 90s% effort. Yellow is 80s%. Green in in the 70s. I barely feel any more muscle ache on my chest and shoulder when I press on it. Got to do some jump rope before and after class for extra cardio. Great to see the regulars back again. I guess they're done celebrating the holidays.

I on the other hand never stopped. Needed to keep my sanity. Sure, I like keeping in shape and stuff but I now need it to stay sane. My job requires a lot of focus and concentration because in IT, one little incorrect command and shit happens!! haha. I've been lucky all these years. When something don't feel right, I now not to make that mistake. Not that I'm any smarter, I just get this feeling that something doesn't feel right and I stop whatever it is I'm doing, back off, and get everyone involved to find out what I'm feeling wrong is. I swear, just by feeling, I've stopped making so many what would have been horrendous mistakes. lol. I call it my spider sense. This is sort of why I have spiderman costumes for Halloween and whenever we are doing any sort of costume party :)

I feel good. I had a lot of errands to do today and I covered a bunch of them. Got to clean the house too so coming back from the gym, it's nice to see no dirty dishes, carpet cleaned, cherrywood tables all cleared and polished with lemon pledge :) , All laundry done. And I have dinner kept warm oven while I went to my crossfit class. Picked up my prescriptions. Turned in my CA fishing report for sturgeon and steelhead. Car washed. Got an estimate for the repair of my car for that fender bender from last Friday. Went to Costco and got my groceries. Garbage day tomorrow morning and i took it all out and put to the curb already. No need to go out there in my semi-commando boxers and taking it out in the morning. The bed is made. Only thing missing is sharing it with a certain someone but we can't have everything and I am still grateful for what I have :)