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2019-01-08 18:14:01 (UTC)

When you come undone..

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Who do you need, who do you love

When you come undone?

My day was good, continued training the new guy and dang He's a quick learner, I doubt he will need training much longer. He grasps things really well and has figured his way around the system fairly effortlessly. He's a really nice guy, younger than me but very mature. He'll make a good addition. Next week I am training the new girl. She's currently training on another shift so I doubt there will be a lot to do with her too, least I hope. I had this one call and a booking.. He was coming in today and would be in for a few days..I helped Him all through and He had one of those voices that was a bedroom voice, it was SO sexy..He was really nice.. From the states, He was really nice and outgoing and I said "We will see you then".. He said "so you'll be there when I get there (insert my name here lol)?" I laughed and said no, I am done at 2.. He said damn, well I am in a few days there, perhaps I'll see the girl behind the beautiful voice.. I started laughing and knew it was time to end the call at that point lol, I finished up the call andI told my co-worker and she's going to be there then He arrives..I will wear her badge tomorrow because she's off. lol I don't need any further complications in my life at this point lol..We had a lot of laughs and down time where there was nothing to do so we compared tattoo's. I lost..I only have one, on my ankle lol. I am not big on tattoo's, I am rather feminine and don't like the one I have much less adding to it.

I spoke to my Sir a bit today. He had a big day with meetings and phone calls but we stole moments when we could. He leaves tomorrow for Toronto for the night and not sure why it bothers me. Not insecure or worried or anything like that but more I think it's more I am use to Him here.. local.. I have this weird comfort knowing He's close. He said He's going to call me tomorrow evening from Toronto and we can talk while He's in His hotel room at bed time. I am growing more and more nervous come Friday. Last time I had total privacy with a Man was my former Dom. I was nervous then too lol. This won't be as intense as He's not that big on step by step meetings and how He "does" things. I already know His last name and have His phone number and He has both my name and number. Sounds small I know but it isn't. It's a gesture of His trust in me. Some in bdsm don't give that information and it's not considered wrong or like you are "hiding something" some are just more private than others and rightfully so. Some only seek play partners in bdsm and their professional and private life are just that.. I get that and respect it. Anyways I forget where I was going with this lol. Yes, so He will call me on Wednesday night at bed time and I will see Him Friday. Just have to get through two more days lol..The closer it gets the more nervous I get. He think's its cute or funny... me? not so much lol.

Tonight I am having coffee with my girlfriend and then coming home and soaking in a bath. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment. My Sir told me not to cut my hair at all, a light trim lol.. He said He loves my hair and doesn't want me to make changes without discussing it with Him first. He said after Friday He is going to want more control of my daily life so to enjoy my (limited) freedom now lol. I asked if that means I can go get a tattoo in Vegas..He laughed and said "not unless it says owned by B**** across your face" lol. Yeah, not happening. He also said I better not come back from Vegas with any more holes in my body either. So no piercings lol, not that I want any..

Ok I am off, I hope everyone has a wonderful evening <3