Scream Above the Sounds
2019-01-08 19:55:36 (UTC)

Back to College/The Grind Continues

It was my first day back in college today, it was nice to see everybody again. I don't really have any close relationships with anybody besides two guys called Aaron and Allan, Allan didn't make it in today. I'm not sure why, I think it was one of his kids birthdays, I think I saw something on Facebook about it. It felt good to be back though, it's nice to have some rhythm and routine again. I woke up at 2am this morning and I watched the rest of Monday Night RAW, I couldn't get back to sleep so I ended up just watching streams of various video games, hoping I would nod off. Sadly not, 6am rolled around and I figured it was too late to try and go back to sleep now, my fate was sealed.

English was pretty good, our old teacher is currently off sick though, he had an eye operation a while ago so we won't see him for about 4-5 weeks. The new teacher we have seems like a decent guy though, I hadn't met him before but apparently he took our last class, which I didn't go in for because it was the last day and I'm a rebel. He introduced himself to me and mentioned a presentation, listing five topics. I told him I would do mine on 'Science and Technology' and I wanted to discuss why video games had positive effects on people. Originally I wanted to do both positive and negative but it's only a 5-7 minute presentation, I would never have the time for it. I have to finish this by next Tuesday though, I'm not worried. I'll blitz it on the weekend.

Social Science was cancelled so I got the bus home and then headed over to my friends for a gym session at 2pm. Today was a good improvement :-

3.2km run
20 minutes on bike machine

12 reps of 8kg
12 reps of 10kg
6 reps of 12.5kg

12 reps of 10kg
10 reps of 12.5kg

3 sets of 12 reps of 10kg

I feel exhausted now, I'm going to get into bed and watch Tottenham/Chelsea in the FA cup and likely fade away for 100 years. It's a good kind of pain and exhaustion though. I'm really getting the hang of this, I want to go again tomorrow but sensible Edd is telling me to rest. I really wanted to play some Final Fantasy XIV with Taya tonight but I find myself too exhausted to even attempt it. The new patch came out and the job I play received a buff, so woo! Sadly she has ordered me to go to bed, we'll play tomorrow instead. I'm looking forward to the new dungeon. She's already done it but she's told me not to do it without her, she's really cute like that. She gets really defensive and jealous over me when it comes to FFXIV. I'm her 'FFXIV baby', that was the nickname that was coined for me. I wouldn't want to do it without her anyway, the game is less fun when she isn't around. She got really upset today for some reason and I wasn't sure why, she didn't want to talk about it either which made me feel a bit worse. She says she's okay now but I just hate how sometimes she will shutdown when she's upset/angry and I can't make her snap out of it. I understand her though, I know what she's going to do; she's going to disappear for about 10-20 minutes and then come back and everything will be fine. I just wish she wouldn't fight everything alone and let me help her. She has been really sweet tonight, motivating me with my workouts and stuff, she even quoted Rocky to me which I just adored, Rocky is absolutely the key to my heart. She told me that Rocky had some great quotes and then linked me a Final Fantasy quote that was really sweet. I started thinking about how she felt earlier today and said something to her that I couldn't even imagine typing again, it was so off the cuff. I meant it, of course.

I said to her :-

'I'll always be here for you, when you're at your shining best and even when you're at your beautiful worst. I'll always be there to catch you x'

I think at that point she just melted, haha. Reading it back, it sounds incredibly soppy and that isn't really me, but I guess I just always want her to know that I care about her. I can be good with words, sometimes!

I'm just about ready to collapse now, goodnight.


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