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2019-01-08 07:23:41 (UTC)

Woke up whimpering

I woke up whimpering like a pussy this morning. Don't know why. I know the darkest times are when you wake up and before you go to bed. Not sure if the normal "waking up realizing you are broken up" was too much today than normal or if I had a bad dream. Who the heck cares? Just woke up sad. I called in sick today. Went to the Dr. yesterday and they think I have an enlarged prostate and want to measure when and how much I pee. I need to monitor that for 24 hrs. Well.... I'm not getting a measuring cup at work to pee in the restroom. Screw that. I think I'm becoming like that other dude on this site. Just grow old and become a hermit in his condo. Sigh.

I didn't hit the gym yesterday because of darts. Those two don't mix at all. My shoulders were still aching yesterday anyway and I was tight. I could tell I was puling my darts to the right an hour before the match. I thought we'd get hammered by the other team. Plus, the league had 2 weeks off due to the holidays. Guess how long I didn't practice? Yup, 2 weeks. That's a long time for a hobby that required you to throw 18 grams and want it in 1/3 an inch of a certain part of a board.

We were the visiting team and the place we played at didn't have wine. I stopped drinking beer pretty much since doing the gym thing but I had no choice. So... I drank a few mugs and that helped loosen me up a little. We ended up winning 9-4. I don't think it was due to my teammate and I shooting awesome. I think it's because the other team sucked even worse than we did. Probably didn't practice for a couple weeks too. I had some nice moments and so did my partner. I think that's how we squeaked by with a decent win. Hopefully the 2nd place team didn't do more damage than we did and I hope we are still in first place. We need to take first in the division so that we don't have to play in the dreaded round-robin. That would suck. That's a marathon of dart matches just to get to the playoffs.

Other than that, trying to stay positive. Since I'm staying home today, I may as well try to get some chores done. I don't have OCD and I am a single man that lives by himself in a overkill 3 bedroom home. So yeah, there is always a need for some cleaning here. lol

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