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2019-01-08 07:52:20 (UTC)

Feels so good to laugh again

Listening to: Without me - Halsey

Good Morning
It's 6:51 and I am so tired, I only managed an hour workout today..My body just wasn't cooperating with the weights or rhythm. I slept really heavy from 10:30-4:45 but because of my sleeping pill.. I feel very tired and groggy, I have my tea in a death grip and hoping it does it's job and make me people friendly today lol. I am showered and pulling off a Houdini with a towel on my head.

I am training again today, So doubt I will be able to log in from work. It's getting increasingly busier now, from the system at work it shows it steadily climbing now which is good, keeps me busy and out of trouble lol. I woke this morning and when I looked at my phone it said January 8th. I paused a moment because I knew today was the one month anniversary of my break up with my former Dom. It has been one hell of a month. Not just the emotional hell I went through for the first three weeks but the growth I have had as a submissive and as a woman. I learned so much about myself, gained independence again and learned what I need and want in my next relationship. I had to learn to stand on my own again and learn to love myself again. I learned why we failed and how to prevent failing from that in the future. I looked back on my submissive journal last night and I was surprised just how far I have come. I am no where near the place I was when it ended and I am no where near the person He knew. I am stronger, more independent, more in tune with who I am as a submissive. I've learned to put myself first. I haven't cried in awhile and I don't dread the next morning or the next evening. I am not haunted by memories and it isn't first in my thoughts anymore,.. I wake with a smile and a focus to be better today than yesterday. I will always love Him, He was one of the most important people in my life but unfortunately it wasn't my forever.
"Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough" ~

This tea isn't working as well as I am hoping, hmm wonder how many more I can get in me before work lol. I need to be peopley lol. Is that even a word? lol according to Urban Dictionary it is so I am using it lol. I learned my lesson yesterday and I am going to wear a knit sweater today. Yesterday it was co-worker and I had our space heaters on behind us and our sales director was talking to my co-worker about a contract and he backed up and tripped over mine and fell right into me and we both went down, I was laying on the floor laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.. We were all laughing and He kept saying omg omg I'm soooo sorry but thanks for the soft landing LOL.. He kept asking if I was ok..I was fine..He stood up and took my hand to help me up..He was so embarrassed but He was laughing just as hard as we were. Doesn't hurt He's extremely attractive and always smells INCREDIBLE but He's married to a really nice guy. My boss heard the commotion as he was walking by and peeked in and here we are laying on the floor...He opens his mouth then shuts it, laughs and walks away lol. That just made us laugh harder.. Was really funny. When He left my co-worker said "look, you made **** fall for you" We were laughing so hard..She asked "does he feel as good as He looks?" I said "better" and we both laughed again. Feels so good to laugh again but after that I needed my inhaler lol

Not sure if I am seeing my Sir B today after work or not.. Not thinking so.. but never know..Our plans are often last minute. He said He wants to but has to see when His meeting ends. Then tomorrow He leaves for Toronto for the night, comes back Thursday evening then well, Friday!! Then Vegassss! I asked Him if He's still ok with me going.. He said He has reservations but He knows I need time to have fun and He supports it. He had me look into a few day data plan for there because He wants me reachable.. I did research it and will call today.

Ok off to take this towel off my head and do my hair and makeup. I have more of The Bachelor to watch before work :D I hope everyone has an amazing day! <3

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