Experienced Life
2019-01-07 15:21:20 (UTC)

More ex self help analogy

So once again, I've been learning more about life. I stopped trying to learn for awhile thinking I knew what to do. Big mistake!! I still don't know crap. I learned a pretty good analogy regarding thoughts about your ex. Whether it be an ex bf or gf, it still applies. Anyway, this psychiatrist was saying that for you to move on, you need to stop thinking about the past relationship. Yeah, we know that already. He also stated that you will only know the good parts and not the bad. You'll only know when she was all dressed up with makeup and not without makeup or how she looks first thing in the morning.

Yeah, I know that already too. But.... he did bring up another interesting analogy. He stated that living or remembering in the past is like putting on those VR goggles. Living in the virtual reality and not living in real life. While it may feel good because you are watching the good, you are not moving forward at all. It's so detrimental because you are in the VR world while real life happenings is going on without you because you are too busy with those vr glasses. Then when you take it off, you are at a standstill and maybe even worse. This was such an interesting analogy of how to not be stuck after a breakup. It makes sense and of course, we all don't want to live in that virtual reality world.

Again, newfound knowledge. I need to remember this and put it to good use. Dang it "M"!!!! Why do you live so far away. Sigh.... I guess I should start dating again though. Not for sex but just fun conversation. Having someone across the table even though not romantically feeling it is still better than having dinner with Alexa (Amazon's thing). So I did.

There is this person at the gym that says hi to me every time I see her. I didn't even know her name. I finally asked her what her name was last week. Her name is Claire. She's on our Gym facebook page and I just reached out to her. We chatted a little with small talk. Then I asked her out. Just to lunch after the gym this Sunday. Surprisingly she said yes! Sucker!!! haha. Just kidding. I just play around a lot at the gym so that's how she says she remembers me. She thinks I don't sweat the small stuff. haha. Little does she know me :)