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2019-01-07 10:08:58 (UTC)

Daily routine

I didnt start well today. I stayed until late yesterday after my Sunday football. I need to leave Sunday football early and not socialise for too long so that i can do other things for the day as well as get myself ready t study overnight on Monday morning. I did eventually go out on Friday night to meet up with my friend because it was her birthday. I spent most of Saturday in bed recovering. I need to focus and stay at home more as I cant even afford going out.

My daughter's school have asked for a meeting between myself, my ex and them. I will request I meet then separately from my ex as I don't want to start having any arguments with her in the meeting. My son may not be allowed to start school tomorrow because of the unpaid fees. Even though she agreed to pay (most of what is owed) so that i pay back later she has now rescinded on this because according to her she has new tax obligations.

I am still waiting on my friend to help with the outstanding rent due before 18t of jan to stop my eviction from my flat.