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2019-01-06 19:38:03 (UTC)

Made up with "M"

I got in touch with "M" today. She wasn't getting my emails. We've chatted and I was in the dog house for a little while but she is too nice a person to keep me in there too long. Glad we are chatting again. You can never ever have enough friends. Especially the special friends that you can say anything to without them giving you crap about it.

Went to the gym 5 days in a row now? We did a lot of upper body stuff. I touch myself. Not sexually but I touch my upper chest and arm area because I'm hurting. One finger on my chest or upper body feels like some iron fist kung fu finger stabbing at me. Pain!!! haha.

I have dart league tomorrow so I can't work out that day and play darts that night otherwise we'd get our butts kicked. We are in first place just by one game. I hope I don't let my teammate down tomorrow.

It's just nice chatting with "M" again. I know the world don't revolve around her but it's still nice to know that someone got your back :)