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2019-01-06 15:26:55 (UTC)


Listening to: Tequila- Dan Shay … ( I love the ending to this video, well the whole story)

Today was a good day.. I got so much done around the house and even went out for a quick coffee :) I am bit sore in my tummy from focusing on my core today at the gym. I am definitely feeling stronger physically and I see the progress looking back at me..

I made a BIG booboo today lol, I was doing something and I accidently deleted something I was holding onto and well.. I would have paid to see my face.. but the only words that left my mouth were "whoopsie".... then I started laughing at my choice of words and when I stopped. I realized I had didn't feel as broken as I would have a few weeks ago..even a week ago to have done that would have dropped me to my knees again but this time..I didn't feel anything. I realized in that moment that I really am doing better than I thought. Even my friends have told me it's good to see me smiling again.. feels pretty good. I feel more myself again.. My light is back and I am not the only one who's noticed and I realized the ones in my life deserve that part of me..
"Some women are lost in the fire, Some women are built from it"
~Michelle K

I have been texting with my Sir B off and on. He's been busy today working on some things around His house but He's taken time to message me and send me pictures :) We had a talk last night about how nervous I am for Friday, to be alone completely, away from the world. He calmed my fears and made me feel really confident and beautiful..He told me I had nothing to worry about and as beautiful as I am outside, the inside is even more attractive and that's who He's spending time with..the rest was icing on the cake. I am not naïve, I know what's may happen, We have discussed this in depth..He has said the chemistry He feels for me is off the charts both physically and emotionally and He knows when He has me alone He will want to take it further but if I am not comfortable or ready to tell him at any point during and we can stop or slow or just talk.. I told Him.. I am ready to move forward.. When we have been together.. That physical chemistry/attraction is strong and been so hard to resist and I am ready to see where it goes when we are alone and thereafter. He said He wants to see me tomorrow and possibly Tuesday because He leaves Wednesday for Toronto for business and doesn't want to go that long without seeing me so we will see one another for a bit tomorrow after I am done work. It makes the work day dragggg on lol

Tonight I think a quiet night giving myself face and hair mask while soaking in a Lush Bath with maybe some red wine..After I am going to give myself a pedicure, one less thing to do this week :)

Dinner has been simmering all day and it smells soo good.

My house is spotless and laundry is almost done. I am sorta looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.. I am making great strides in my professional life as well as my personal that I am feeling confident about where my life is taking me. My best friend said something to me yesterday.. He said.."I have seen you go through hell more times in your life than anyone deserves and still sit here today and smile and laugh..nobody pulls off soft and strong as well as you do, don't ever let anyone take that from you" He made me tear up lol. I am blessed with the people in my life.

Oh the cruise is booked for the four of us :) We will hit the port that has the tequila farm.. Not this again lol

SS has still shut me out of his life.. pretty hurt over that..I didn't deserve it :( but if it's what he needs to do, so be it.. I see he is doing better by his last journal entry.. I am thankful for that. Thinking reading his entries aren't the proper thing to do seeing he told me to give him space.. I'll leave it be for a bit..

Ok, I am going to go for a run I think :) Feel like burning some energy. Tomorrow I am hitting my healthier eating like never before, back on hard core keto. Wish me luck lol, I am going to need it because today I had a small Cinnabon :D

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening <3

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