Experienced Life
2019-01-06 10:52:30 (UTC)

Thank God for the Gym

So, I had to go to a different location to hit the gym today. The one I normally go to is closed on Sundays. The other location isn't that far away from home. I'm making friends there too now but a bit slower since I only go there once a week on Sundays. Still, I'm so grateful for my gym. If you're happy, it's good. If you are having some mind drama, it's even better. During the middle of our workouts, if I feel some stress, I push even harder, go faster, or go heavier. :) I love it. That's my little secret on how to cope with life. Highly recommended.

Last night, I went to change clothes. My shoulders were hurting from earlier that day. Lot's of pushups. I think my arms are the weakest part of my body. I'm ok on the legs. I got some spring in me. My core is pretty good. But my Sponge Bob arms needs work. I was way worse before. I couldn't even do one bench pushup. Still, I know I'm still below the norm. However, when I changed last night, I noticed something. My deltoids are shaping up just a little. It's getting a little round on the top of my arms now. When I twist my arm, I see I do have some deltoid muscle action going. Haha. Yeah.. little victories and I mean little. But I'll take it :) All the muscle pain I get week in and week out. Nice to see results :)