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2019-01-05 19:08:30 (UTC)

My First 5K

I am shattered. My legs have taken such a beating today and I'm dreading waking up tomorrow! It's a good pain though, I've worked hard and I'm so shocked but so pleased with myself. I had a 'rest' day yesterday because it would have been my 4th day in a row, I didn't want to take on too much too quickly and honestly, my body clock was in no state for it. My friend suggested a rest and I agreed, I honestly don't think my legs could have taken another run, it was a good call. I got up about 2pm today, one of my best friends messaged me (the girl that I have feelings for) and mentioned she was going down the bay and asked if I fancied a run. I said yes because I don't want to fall into a pattern of having too much time off or getting disinterested. I knew it was going to be tough, she is so much fitter than I am and has been doing this for a lot longer but it's all good practice and training, it isn't a competition.

I went to her house about 3pm and she drove us down to the bay. We talked a load of nonsense and listened to Pearl Jam. I think that's one of my favourite things about her, her music taste is great. We laughed and talked a lot of shit and then she prepped me about the things we would be doing today: where she runs to, where/if she wants to have a break etc. I really enjoyed it! I think being with her helps, she's good to be around. I loved the area in which we ran. It was quite busy, being a weekend, there were lots of families, bikers and fellow runners. It was quite tricky, weaving in and out of people at times, but it was good. The place looked amazing too, it's a view I definitely take for granted. We had the odd break here and there but I'm so pleased I managed to grind it out. I'm very excited to go again and produce a better performance.

On the run back, she suggested that we run as far as we can without stopping. It was extremely difficult, I could feel my legs calling quits on me. After 10 minutes or so, she ran close to a bench and I thought "Yes! Finally, a rest!" and then she veered off. I can't tell if she was teasing me or not, she probably was knowing her. We ran a whole lot more and then she said "We'll stop at the white tent!" and I was so overjoyed, it gave me a little burst of energy I needed, just to make it to the tent and then collapse. She gave me a high five and told me she was really impressed with me. It feels great to get this kind of recognition from my friends and that they have faith in me to do better and improve, I really need that.

I hope me and my friend can get on the weights tomorrow, I really wanna keep this momentum up. His weekends are usually quite busy I think., he likes to stay busy and have plans in place. I'm heading over there tonight too for a drink or two so we'll see what tomorrow brings. I'm so pleased with myself though, if you had asked me to do this a year or two years ago, same with going back to college... it would never have happened. I was so comfortable, comfortable in a dying, loveless, unsalvageable relationship, comfortable in a dead end job. I wasn't living, I was existing. I had to break free and although I went through a tremendous amount of pain and grief...I've come out of the other side and if anybody reads this, I promise you will too. Don't ever give up, we can be better.


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