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2019-01-05 09:10:41 (UTC)

The rise is even more beautiful..

Listening to: Come Undone - My Darkest Days

"I am thankful for my struggles because without it, I wouldn't have discovered my strengths" ~ Alexandra Elle

I woke as usual at 5 and hit the gym til 7, did the usual come home, shower, feed the fur babies and now settled in with my tea. I didn't go to bed til midnight last night as I was talking to Sir and emailing SS, I am worried about Him.. He was in a bad place last night with a car accident then some emotional stuff. He had friends over so I told Him to go enjoy and we would talk tomorrow (today) well I woke to an email that makes me worry and a diary entry that doesn't sound like His usual self. I messaged Him but not heard..although we are in a 3 hour time difference so I am hoping He is just sleeping. Concerned about Him :(

Looks like Vegas plans are changed, slightly.. just the dates..Friday I am seeing my Sir B for the day, til mid afternoon then we are flying out at 8pm the same day and coming home Sunday evening. Which is good because my daughter is going away for that weekend..It's a short trip but unfortunately one of the 4 of the girls going cannot get out of work on Monday so we are doing it this way instead. I will work Monday if my boss needs me too, I will text Him today but as of now.. The flights are booked.. Yes, it's a short trip but it's Sin City, nobody sleeps lol. Should be fun. We will sleep on the plane lol, But we found some really good deals on flights so it's done, booked. Today is dress shopping! Us four girls are meeting for lunch and shopping. I have reserved the cruise online for 48 hours, did this all this morning so I will make sure there are no changes today when I see the girls, if not.. I will finish booking it tonight. I offered my daughter to go but she does not like cruises :( Her Dad is planning on taking her to the cottage during that time so all works out.

Emotionally and mentally I am in a good place.. I have a sense of peace and clarity. As the quote above says.. I am thankful for my struggles because I wouldn't have discovered my strength. It's true. 2018 was an incredible year.. I was riding the highest of rollercoasters all year til the dip in the tracks at the end but now I am on my way back up and it looks sunny and bright. It's a weird analogy but when I think of rollercoasters and my experience, I never kept my eyes open on the drops.. I always opened them on the climbs. I think it fits well into my life as when I hurt.. I close my eyes until the feeling of the drop ends but when I open them and accept what's coming, I am on my way up.Silly analogy but life is a rollercoaster.. Just hang on and know despite the drops, the rise is even more beautiful. I can say I hold no resentment to anyone in 2018, not even my ex. He's a great Man who has been through a word of pain that I only know a portion of but He was there for me in sad times and in good and for that I am grateful and will always love Him and be there for Him if He ever needed someone. I hope He finds peace within.

SS, please let me know you are ok..

I am still sitting here with a towel on my head lol, I should go and get my day I hope everyone has an amazing day and finds a reason to smile <3