Experienced Life
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2019-01-04 22:19:26 (UTC)

More drama

Great!!! So my ex wife texted me today. Didn't even notice it till 12 hrs later. I was a little busy with my own things I had to deal with. Anyway, she was asking and saying that I was ok from the Fed Gov't shutting down. Well, I work for the State so my 108K a year is still intact!! haha. Didn't tell her that though. I was polite and kosher and just said the Fed issue is not currently effecting the State Gov. I'm so tired tonight. My friends finally left when I told them I'm ok and they should go home. But I'm actually dizzy and shit. I don't need the drama of the past bubbling it's ugly head out. I really don't need it right now. Sometimes it seems like I'm destined to be in the situation that I'm in.

You know, I don't really ask for much. Just some of the simplest things in life maybe? But I know it's not going to happen that way for me. Everything in life has always been and always will be a battle. Whatever..... I'm ok with that. I'm used to it. Just wished I could have it the easy way just to know how it felt.