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2019-01-04 12:27:16 (UTC)

Beautiful day..beautiful possibilities

Good Morning :)

I woke feeling really good today :) lil achy but it's good.. I hit the gym and my workout buddy was there so we had some good laughs :) The time flew by and I realized I was there 2 hours lol. I am now home, showered and almost ready to go run a few errands.

I met with the Dom B last night. As soon as I sat down He took my hand and like He usually does. He asked where I am with my ex, I told Him it's done, completely.. He said "I am sorry for any pain you have gone through but I am not sorry it ended because you are here, with me"...That made me feel good..then He said "K..I want you to remain quiet until I am done talking, understood?"..I said "Yes Sir".. I felt His Dominance and I have to say it felt soooo good lol..He told me what was on His mind and yes..It was exactly what I thought..but He also had some thoughts when it came to what I was dealing with up til yesterday. He kinda put His foot down...You deserve better, You deserve someone who knows your worth, you deserve someone who will show you their feelings. At the end He said.. "I am Him" He said something that kinda took me off guard..He said "I believe your relationship ended because you were meant to be mine, you were meant for me to find you and give you all you need, be the friend you need, be the Dominant you need. You believe in fate and what's meant to be, believe in this" I just kinda looked at Him and I smiled and then I kissed Him. When the kiss ended He laughed and said.."that a yes, you are willing to submit and explore us? I started laughing.. between tears and laughing I was a mess lol I said "yes Sir".. He gave me that sexy smile I've grown be so very fond of and He kissed me again, when he stopped He said "kissing you is becoming an addiction"...I started laughing again and He said.."thats funny eh?" and laughed, I told Him it was because I have said that many times..He said "good, I'm not the only one then"....It was an emotional and really good conversation. He kept staring at me and I would say "what?" and laugh..He said I just love looking at you, you are beautiful"... Made me feel good..Everytime I shed a tear He'd wipe them..tell me He never wants tears to fall from pain with Him, Then He laughed and said well..emotional pain, I had to laugh at that and said.."deal" lol..He said He only wanted to see me smile and hear me laugh..We were together about 2 hours then we parted ways as He had to get His son. He walked me to my car and pinned me against it and kissed me again before giving me a hug. We parted ways and I came home, I texted with Sir and spoke to my friend here SS.. He's such a good guy, glad we are friends.

Ok the above was written earlier.. I ran out to do a few things and now I am back home. I bought myself two new shirts and two bra's and panty set as mine are getting too big, I also went to Costco for a few things then to the mall.. bought myself new sheets and new bedding :) New year new sheets :) ...It is soooo beautiful out today I managed to go out without a coat but B, my Sir asked me to wear the same sweater I wore to see Him, so it reminded me of Him and He knew how I looked. Odd lol, but ok..I agreed..I received two more phone calls today but nobody on the line, really kinda odd. I didn't see anyone so just something to be watchful for. B has been texting me today and asked how I was feeling, any regrets..I said no, none.. He said good and to keep a smile on my face all day. He asked me about my goals for 2019 and how He can help me achieve them.. He's a good Man..He asked what I am doing today and told me He was working but thinking of me all day. Was nice :) I am looking forward to what's ahead for B and I, He seems so genuine, so real and too good to be true, I am cautiously optimistic.

My friend SS here.. Has said some really sweet things about me in His journal.. He said ..
Regarding my friend "M"? She is one of the greatest gifts I ever was lucky enough to find. I have friends that I love and cherish that I've known for 20 years now. We'd give each other the shirt off of our backs. But "M"? Somehow she's gone to the front of the line in my close group of core friends. I'm not an idiot and I'm not just infatuated by her. Everything she says, does, actions, and what she tells me just resonates in what I feel and believe. I don't have to explain the pleasure, pain, frustration, of life to her. She and I already knows because we've been there and done that. Scary stuff as I've never experienced this before. I don't know what to make of it. I just know I'm so dang lucky to have found a friend like her. Now that we're friends and bonded, I feel like I can take on the world where at one point, I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. Now I feel like I have a fighting chance. :)

I just noticed He also said ..
Did you ever hear a voice that sends tingles down your spine? Unbelievable but I did. It's like how a dove would sound if a dove could speak. No shit! This person keeps on surprising me with her inside/outside beauty. I feel so lucky to have a friend like this. "M"!!! You are able make the rough edges in life ever so slightly smoother.
My dear dear friend. I'm sorry you are hurting. Angels do cry too I guess :(
(SS.... it wasn't the voice of a dove but more a sleepy girl but thank you, you are super sweet and yes as you asked..I told my Sir about you lol, He said He was glad I had a friend who's been there for me and supports me.)

SS and I spoke on the phone last night for the first time.. We got tired of emailing back and decided to talk..We just talked about our pasts, our current life and our hopes for the future and before I knew it, it was 11:30.. it was fun and seriously SS, you are the greatest guy.. I am blessed having you as a good friend. Truly.. You have listened to me and made me feel important when I couldn't find the courage to even get through the day. Your values, your core beliefs and your understanding and compassion for people is just the icing on the cake to the amazing Man you are. I know in time you will find a special someone who knows all these things and more.. Then we can look back and remind one another how far we have come. I couldn't have come out the other side without your support.. Thank you for being there.. We have built a solid friendship ..You are such a blessing in a time I needed it most :)

I am in a really good place emotionally and mentally. I feel like I have closed a book of my past and just opened a new one with fresh new pages and endless possibilities to write for myself. I am blessed I have reconnected with all my friends. I am blessed for the new friends I have made and I have every reason to smile in 2019.

Ok going to run back out for a few, meeting my gf for lunch, we are rebooking Vegas AND our cruise today.. well, deciding when and picking itinerates for the cruise today then I will come home and book the cruise while she books Vegas. Sooooo pumped :)