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2019-01-04 10:38:08 (UTC)

Whats on my mind

Sister: Sister back at home and now we are in a new phase and new challenges. I plan to go to her house today to discuss the implementation of the financial plan I have created for her as her illness was mainly due to financial problems.

School Fees: After agreeing to pay the shortfall (or at least most of it) of my portion of the kids school fees my ex decided to renege on it and says she has a new tax obligation. Unfortunately there is nothing extra I can do. I will tell the school I have paid the December installment but the November installment is still outstanding. They may exclude the kids from school on Monday. If she is happy with having money to do extension to the house and money sitting in the bank while her kids are at home because she is disgruntled with me then it is up to her. I will need to go back to court sometime this year to reduce how much i pay because the current level of payment is killing me,

Rent: I need to pay 2 months rent by 18th of January otherwise I will be ejected from my flat. Hopefully my friend will help.

Job: My job is very uncertain. A few of us back in the office without a new project. How long can this continue for, how long can they pay us for. The pay is not even enough fro my level of expenditure, so i am looking for freelance work

Studying: My training as a data scientist starts in earnest on Monday (early morning read). This is when I go off the rader and keep to myself and just focus on my targets.