My Memos To The Void
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2019-01-04 17:34:37 (UTC)

It will be okay

As the night grows later, the tears have dried and my eyes sting...
I know that somehow, everything will be okay.
I know in the end ill keep waking up, even if it doesn't feel right, and keep moving forward.
One day I will feel the sun kiss my skin, as he did once, and it will be enough.
I know that some day I will love having a bed to myself, stretch out and sleep in any position i want.
One day I will cherish the time I have alone, and "alone" wont be synonymous with "lonely"
One day I will sleep well, and wake up by myself, and enjoy the routine I have created for myself.
One day everything will be okay.
It won't be today
but eventually
everything will feel better.

It's gonna be alright.
As he always said "You will be just fine hun"

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