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2019-01-03 09:53:38 (UTC)

NY Update

A bit disappointing that i didn't do all the things i set out to do after work yesterday. I was distracted by the football matches I was monitoring. My daily routine has started ok-ish. I have not started reading at night, that will start from next week.

I have to ensure my sister's finances are in place as she may be living hospital today. I plan to have a sit down with her on Saturday and go through all the different action points and plan we have set to manage her finances.

I need to ensure the fees for the kids are paid before they start school next week Monday. I have requested that my ex pays for the November installment and I will make any additional payments during the summer term to pay for any payments she makes now. She has responded positively but not completely. i am hoping to hear from her this week so that i can write the school to let them know that the fees have been paid (latest this Friday).

I now need to start worrying about my rent (the worry is endless). I need to pay for 2 months arrears before the 18th of January otherwise i will be ejected. My friend who I have told about this issue for the last 1 month or so is typically not committing to anything. The issue is too serious to leave to fester like this so I plan to discuss with him today/tomorrow and finalize . I need clarity. If he is paying then I need to confirm I will get it before the 18th, if he is not paying them I need to look elsewhere. He is a sensitive soul though so i need to thread carefully.

Also there is the worry of my job, how long can we ( a few of us) be on the bench for without any projects before the management tell us they can no longer afford to pay us. Even if i stay in this job it clearly does not pay for all my bills so I need a freelance job. I am applying for jobs but need to step it up.

I seem to have gone off sex as well, not sure why, may be its all the things that is playing on my mind. I have to make 2019 work for me. May be it is the first sign of me getting that settling down feeling and starting a meaningful relationship. I am not sure if I am ready for that now though. So many areas of my life that needs attention and improving before I start introducing someone else into it.