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2019-01-02 19:23:14 (UTC)

Dancing on my own

Listening to: Dancing on my Own - Calum Scott

Christmas is packed away for another year. Usually I am sad doing so, putting away all the glittery things but this year, it was therapeutic. I spent a few hours cleaning and getting it back to my standard of clean, then I wandered to my room and cleaned that too. I border on ocd when it comes to the cleanliness of my house, everything has to have it's placed, clutter drives me nuts. I just wish my daughter had a bit of it too lol.

I took a bath and relaxed and worked on my meditation, felt amazing.. Now I am relaxing. I have been getting crank calls for the last two days, what is weird is... a few were at work on my works direct line, yesterday morning a few minutes after I arrived. Today there was two on my cell phone. Not sure if they are related or who they are from but just found it odd.

Tomorrow I work again, my usual shift.. I am hoping it's a bit busier tomorrow but I don't think it will pick up until mid next week, possibly week after, it's the time of year. Tomorrow I am training the new guy again. He was only with me for an hour today as He did mostly training modules. Tomorrow I think He will be there at 11, an hour after me. He seems nice enough, good vibes from him mostly but again I only had an hour but I did not pick up on any negative intuition. Today I was listening to "Run by Pink and singing along.. The song ended and my coworker came up behind me and started clapping. He scared me lol, thought He was on another extended break....I turned and he said wow I had no idea you can sing... you sound incredible...I went 50 shades of red, I had no idea he was behind me lol. Talk about embarrassing. Perhaps I should find things to do at work haha.

Not much else to say tonight. Thinking of an early bed time.. I say that but I usually surf my phone in bed while I am waiting for my sleepy pill to kick in. I hope a time will come I won't be dependant on them. Just right now I know the dark is not my friend.

I hope everyone has an amazing evening <3

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