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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2019-01-02 11:25:01 (UTC)

Carnival of Rust

Listening to: Carnival of Rust - Poets of the fall (quietly at my desk shh)
In between I am watching "Imbrandonferris" youtube videos, He is hilarious and always makes me laugh, probably a dead give away to others I am not doing my job, but well, nothing to do lol

Good Morning! :)
Typical routine, slept til 5, gym til 7, worked out with my new gym buddy Melissa. She's doing amazing. She said I motivate her which felt good to hear but in all honesty, I think she'd be killing it regardless, she is determined. Reminds me alot of myself when I started working out.

I am at work, it's freezing cold and we have the heaters on here behind us but it's not helping with the doors opening consistently. My coworker set me up a specific heater just for me :) I am only working til 2 then I am going home and making a batch of soup. It's so much quieter at work today than yesterday and my co-worker keeps disappearing on me, as usual lol. I don't mind. Gives me a chance to write here without him being nosy lol. I am training someone at 11 this morning and again tomorrow then I am off til Monday.

I am so happy the holidays over and the routine is getting back in place. As much as I struggle adapting to my life now without my ex, the holidays were making it even harder than it already is. I am trying to stay busy to keep my mind from thinking too much but He's always still there. I miss Him and I wonder if He ever misses me.

Work keeps interrupting me, lol My boss isn't in today so pretty relaxed day. I am meeting my girlfriend for coffee right after work while shes on her lunch break then I am going home and staying in for the night and taking the tree down this afternoon, Ready for Christmas to go away for another year.

I was in the bath last night and focused on my meditation, aside from focusing on not drowning while doing so lol, I find the bath a great place to do so, zero interruptions and peaceful. I have looked forward to that hour of just nobody and nothing but my thoughts. It is something I definitely intend on sticking to. I also did some reading and researching and writing in my submissive journal last night and did another tarot. I admit I am addicted to those things lol. It's just fascinating how spot on it is with specific details. I would love to learn to read them myself. Hmmm

Anyways will go now, almost break time lol and my coworker is back and don't want him to see me writing here.. I will write more later..I hope everyone has an amazing day! <3