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2019-01-02 10:31:10 (UTC)

New Year Update

With praise I write that my sister will be leaving hospital on Friday. She is so much better but we have to ensure that the progress continues. Each stage of her recovery brings a different kind of challenge. She will spend a lot of time at home by herself as her daughter will go to school and her son is in university. We hope to get one of her friends or family to visit her every other 2 days.

To main financial issues I need to resolve this January. I have to make sure the kids fees are paid before 7th of January, otherwise they may be excluded from school. I have requested that my ex pays it and I will pay whatever she paid for the summer terms. She responded more favorably than I expected but what she offered to pay falls short of what the schools are expecting.
I also have to pay outstanding rent for 2 months by the 18th of December otherwise i will have to leave my accommodation. i have put my trust in a friend to help with a loan to pay the rent. I just hope he can deliver.