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2019-01-01 16:38:54 (UTC)

No promises

Listening to: No Promises - Shane Ward

Was a fairly good day at work, whenever I work with my gf there, it's a pretty fun day. We are so similar in a lot of ways that we just click and have fun. It was fairly steady surprisingly. I had a moment at work where a song came on over the sound system called "Broken" my Lighthouse and it instantly hit me and tears just swelled up and I fought them.. I had to excuse myself for my break and go outside a few. After a few I text my co-worker and told her I was running to Starbucks for us and I would be back.. I returned about 10 minutes later with my skinny peppermint mocha and her macchiato and continued on my day. We had some good laughs today, we both agree it sucks we can't work together more often but we are on different shifts usually. We told our Boss we would start our own union if He didn't allow us the same shift.. He laughed and reminded us we are union and said take it up with them. I said "I did, they won't help" He laughed and said "sucks to be you two" and walked away. I thought we lost that war til later when He came up to us and said He just hired two more, so our shifts may align after all.. Double bonus, My seniority is up by 4 now and I may get to work with her more :) I am training a new trainee tomorrow, although I only work my regular short shift, that's when He is set to arrive too. I am liking the added responsibility my boss is giving me. Today He was talking to another manager in front of me and said something about reliable staff then he pointed behind him at me and said "like her" ..that felt good :)

Tonight I plan on a hot bath with my lush bomb and a face mask.. Dinner is almost done cooking and I am a bit hungry. My boss gave us breakfast but I only nibbled. I am officially down 19 pounds in 3 weeks.. I am happy for the loss but not the stress behind it.

I did another tarot reading and I am astounded how the readings all include the same topic and the same detailed description of the topic. It has not been the same tarot reading every time, by 3 different tarot readers. It's kinda freaky actually.

I am intending on going to the gym tomorrow morning.. my new workout buddy text me to ask me if I will be there tomorrow, I said I would and she said good, I will be there too. My workouts aren't as intense when she is there as I am shadowing her but honestly.. I don't mind, I am happy to be helping her feel more comfortable and more determined. She's a sweet girl.

Thank you SS for such kind words on your entry today.. You have been a wonderful friend. Glad you had a good Ny's eve with your friends and managed to escape the hangover :)

Well, going to go run my bath and make a tea.. time to unwind and relax in my bath.

I hope everyone is having a great New Years Day, hope it's filled with love and family <3