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2019-01-01 12:33:15 (UTC)

Nice New Day :)

Had some fun last night. Soooo much food. Friends spent the night so everyone was safe and sound. Made breakfast for my friends. Cleaned up and feel great. I put on this thing called Patch MD. Supposed to make your hangover to be not so bad. Not sure if it works or I'm just psyching myself out but I feel good. Gym is closed today so I should be fully healed for tomorrow's workout.

My friend decided he wants to cook his prime rib at his place and host it over there instead of my place. I have so much food here I wanted to get rid of so that's a bummer. But since I finally got my house somewhat clean again, I guess it's ok. :)

Got an email from my friend "M". You know how it feels when you are looking forward to something? Like getting a bonus from work? Getting a new car? When your favorite series is about to start? Well, looking forward to getting an email from my friend "M" feels just like that. I like it. Someone somewhere has the time, thought, and consideration to email me. I know my worth is all in me but it still feels nice and warm to get an email from "M". Nicest way to start the day :)

Stay positive everyone. Sorry you can't all be lucky like me to have such a fantastic new friend. haha

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