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2018-12-31 16:40:11 (UTC)

Tonight's the night

We will have a safe gathering of friends today at my house. It's quiet right now. I'm kicking back in bed enjoying the quiet. I have the ham already in the smoker. I'll have to tend to it every hour to glaze and add chips. The chicken is in the slow cooker. I'll have to touch that just once to move the chicken that was on the top and have it soaking in delicious but not healthy sauce. haha.

Most people probably have thoughts of their New Year's Resolutions. One thing I'm glad about that I don't need. I don't need to put going to the gym and losing weight as one of them. I already do that so haha. I know it's sort of bragging but hey, one less thing for me to have to attempt because I already do it :)

Perhaps improving myself to be better? I know you can never stop learning unless you're a monk or Ghandi or someone like that. Again, I've already been working on my self realizations and improving myself. And I know I'm doing it for me and not for some girly girl I may like.

I may need to take a power nap because I'm not sure if I'm going to make it past 12 midnight. haha. Sorry, I'm a lightweight I guess. One thing I wish I had though. I wish I could have just an hour to be with my friend "M" right now. Just us sitting opposite sides of a table having some hot coffee or even some tea. Tea seems to smell much better and it can be more soothing for some reason. I'd like to listen to her tell me what she's been putting on this website. I'd like to hear what kind of an accent she has. Does she twirl her hair around when she speaks? Doe she look into your eyes when she is speaking to you or does she turn those baby blue eyes away from being a little shy? Maybe see her talk and perhaps see a smile come out of her every so often. I'd like to hug her to comfort her. I bet her hair smells like strawberries or something like that :)

But no, that isn't happening. We live in different countries and she is drinking her tea by herself. Or at least without me. I want to make her laugh. I want to maybe show her that we shouldn't take life so so seriously that we can't even enjoy the journey to get to where we are going. Perhaps at that point, I too can be convinced and I too can enjoy my journey in life to be more enjoyable. It's not the destination from what I hear. It's the journey to the destination. That's a work in progress for me but I'm trying.

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