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2018-12-31 09:20:41 (UTC)

I intend on being me, only better

Listening to: Jealous - Nick Jonas
'Cause you're too sexy beautiful
And everybody want to taste, that’s why
I still get jealous
'Cause you're too sexy beautiful
And everybody want to taste, that’s why
I still get jealous
(corny I know but it's has a good bop lol)

It's only 9:20 and I feel ready for a nap lol. I am tired.. Went to bed last night just after 10 and woke at 4:45 so I went to the gym and worked out for an hour..then my new friend showed up. I was happy to see her. I am surprised she comes so early but she said she's an early bird. We worked out together and discussed eating and our trouble areas when it comes to food and staying motivated. I gave her few tips and tricks I use and she seemed to really be excited about her new journey. She apologized for texting me yesterday morning and I told her to text me or night I am there for her. She said "you are the sweetest person, I don't really have any friends"....I said "well you do now" and hugged her.. My heart broke for her. I only hope she accepts the friendship as I know she needs a friend. She told me about her life and her marriage. She seems to have a really nice husband. She told her husband about me and he was happy I was there to help her. That was nice :)
We worked out and had some laughs til 8:30 then we parted ways and I did my usual shower and now tea lol.
Last night I laid in bed and did more research on developing my abilities and even another tarot reading. I learned that I am blocking happiness from my life by negative thinking. I need to focus on letting happiness into my life by loving myself and knowing I deserve the happiness I am wanting. I learned that negative thinking is vibrations.. everything we think and feel is put out into the universe..everything we think and everything we say to ourselves the universe gives back to us. To receive self love and love of others we must believe we are worthy. Through your beliefs, you form your reality. What we take to be true on a subconscious level becomes our reality. What we believe is based on our perception and what we perceive depends on what we look for and what we look for depends on what we think. Luck is created on a core belief that good things should happen, it's an expectation, expect to be happy and you will be. I realized when I say "I am having a bad day" sure enough I continue to, what I believe determines what we make true. Inside our subconscious we script what we see as truth so if we believe negative thoughts and will only continue to attract the negative. I need to break that script. Anyways enough about that lol, I have become real passionate about all this mind stuff lol.
Today is new years eve. I keep getting texts and calls asking me to go out, celebrate.. I don't want to. As well.. My boss emailed me and asked me if I would work new years day for a few hours as he had nobody to cover. I did not work Christmas day or Boxing day so I told him ok. So I will work 7-1. So good excuse for no partying to me lol. So I won't be able to hit the gym til tomorrow afternoon, I will have to text my friend and tell her. I will likely be in bed before midnight. I am going to make appetizers for dinner here otherwise I am expecting a quiet day, evening for me. I have an appointment at 1pm today but otherwise I am staying in and going to clean out some closets and drawers. Everyone keeps asking me my resolutions. I don't have any. I just want happiness and I will make it so. My goals and resolutions are goals I make every day to be better than the day before. I don't need a new year to make those happen. One thing I intend to do from this point on is meditation, a few minutes a day. Otherwise I just intend on being me, only better :)
Ok I am have a great day! lol
Have a wonderful day all <3

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