Squeeb's world
2001-10-10 23:47:49 (UTC)

A Case of the Lonlies

K, I don't know what just came over me but all of the sudden
I am like super lonely. Might be cuz Kim's away at some
soccer thing or something and I'm still half sick. I dunno.
The thing is, I just really don't like being alone at the
moment. I'm almost in tears. I hate this feeling. And it
makes me like super homesick too. And my mom always picks up
on it. So I called there today, twice. And my Dad wasn't
home either time. My dad and I are super close so I was
like "Damn" cuz it just made me like more super lonely. I
dunno. I just for some reason right now want to go home. It
might be cuz I'm hormonal and sick, I dunno. Wow, I can't
get over how lonely I am. Maybe if I had some friends I
wouldn't be so bad. I mean normally if I were like this I'd
call Jess but lately she seems to be growing farther and
farther apart. It's so hard to talk to her these days. I
wish it wasn't, I really it wasn't, but it is. And it's
weird cuz I always say she's my best friend and she is but
at the same time, I dunno if she thinks that. Half the time
I dunno if I think that. I can tell you beyond the shadow of
a doubt that Kim is my best friend. I know that for a fact
and Jess, she is but I dunno. Why has she become so hard to
talk to? It really makes me sad. K, I HATE feeling like
this. Shoot me now. Or better yet, send me some friends so I
can get out of the whole loneliness thing. This sucks!

Current mood: Lonely
Current music: "If You Get Down On Me" B4-4