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2018-12-31 03:19:25 (UTC)

Goals Review - December 2018

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GOALS REFLECTION - December 2018

This seems like it's been edging its way to more of a top priority. I enjoy being in a relationship quite a bit. I have a Match account, but I've been largely unimpressed with the lot of women that have either looked at my profile or turned up in my suggested matches. I've done some priority searching of my own, putting in keywords and the like. No sure hits yet, not hitting it off with anyone yet.

I did connect with one woman in recent weeks, but she indicated at the outset that she's not interested in seriously dating at the moment. We've met up a few times now, and through the holidays we've stayed in contact via email. In general, I see this situation as a good way for me to practice my social skills.

I'm not entirely attracted to her as a potential romantic partner (and I imagine she feels similarly about me), but she's a good conversationalist, a decent person, intelligent, and when round her I'm encouraged to be on my better behaviour. We give each other room and don't pry into one another's business, but do just enough sharing that conversations have substance.

I've crossed paths with a number of nice women in both the monthly bicycling event in which I volunteer, and in the monthly writer's group. However, they both tend to be a younger crowd than I'd prefer to date. That being said, I think it's likely I'll find a woman I'd like to date in one of those circles.

I have two designs in very good shape. I should have them refined and ready for solid public reception at the designer's convention happening in March 2019.

Before that event, I have a few more designer's meetings to make small changes to the ruleset, and print revised cards. I want to discourage myself from going full-throttle on one of my younger designs and in a rush of design fury come up with something last-minute to show at that event. I have two designs already, which is plenty for the time I've been allotted for exhibition.

This hasn't been on the top of the priority list for quite some time. I think I'm waiting for my settlement check to come in. Once I have that in savings, I'll have a clearer idea of my financial landscape. I think at that point I'll be able to consider a long-term savings goal, and then start looking for ways to generate funds for it.

Just today, an old friend of mine explained his plan to purchase two pedi-bikes and have them go round the downtown tourist-y section of the town where he lives. He floated the idea of me being one of his cyclists, and after consideration, I have to admit being paid to ride a bicycle is attractive. Even so, if I was going to have a side job on weekends in the summer, working for tips, it should be in an air-conditioned building.

I acknowledge this is a privileged perspective. But I think I'll need to be hungrier for savings than I am now for this goal to be paid more attention (no pun intended).

The holidays always leads to this kind of thing being fulfilled by default. And I've traveled to visit my mother and brother's family several times this month. I overnighted there during the Christmas holiday, as per usual. No one seemed slighted by me being out of town for the Thanksgiving holidays. I don't regret the time away at all, as I found it very therapeutic for me personally.

I find large gatherings of relatives to be too overstimulating, particularly in terms of noise. Little kids are loud, and adults frequently talk about topics in which I have no interest. All the same, I find myself playing board games with my now-6-year-old nephews at every occasion, and it's clear they appreciate the time I spend with them. I'm sure my brother and his wife appreciate having someone else to occupy their elder kids' time as well.

I have stayed steady on this. If there's one goal where I feel I've stuck to it consistently, it would be in this area.

Having the exercise bike at home has been a godsend. My regimen is likely six days a week, and the day after my "day off" from the exercise bike begins with restored bodily health. I feel I've "moved ahead" in my exercise cycling habit, and feel pleased with myself. It's coming time for me to increase my caloric threshold. January I should go to 450 per workout. I think increasing by 25 every 2 months is reasonable. I'll eventually be able to make it to my original "600 calories or 60 minutes" goal. I'll re-assess this soon, particularly if I feel I should ramp up the numbers more for this coming year.

Presently, now is the time for me to be outside. I have gone hiking a couple weekends in a row now. I have muck boots that I keep in the car, so if I go somewhere the day after it rains I'm still able to take advantage of cooler weather and fewer people. If it actually snows this winter, I think it'll be great to go cold-weather hiking through the snow, then sit back for a nice cup of coffee in the middle of the woods.

I've researched sugar-free diets recently - at least a little bit - and am considering investing in a sugar-free diet course of study so I can learn more about it and try it out on myself. I really really really love pastries though, so it would be tough!

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