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2018-12-30 06:41:10 (UTC)

Gym reminders

So I wake up today and start brewing my coffee. I do some stretches to find out what part of my body So, my shoulders and side core hurt saying hello in it's own way. I know doing the tea kettles yesterday is what made my side core hurt. Tea kettles are when you are standing, legs about shoulder width apart, holding a heavy ass kettle bell and without moving your hip, back straight, tilt your body to the side making sure the kettle bell slides down the side of your body and tilt back up.

I know my shoulders are hurting because I was doing more weight that I normally do on the barbell. This one is cool. You rig one end of the barbell to the trx, then put weights on the other end and you lift it all the way up, then back down to your chest area. Rinse and repeat and not using your legs to help push the bar up.

Well, both that stuff sure did it's thing. I feel it now. I said this before already but it tells you that you're alive. lol I love it. No not the actual pain but the part about always striving to do better. The results will pay off eventually. I think I also said this before but the only bad thing is that you improve your body but you also improve your libido and hunger for s-e-x. It's fine and dandy when you are with a lover but it sucks (or lack of sucking) when you are single. haha. If and when I find my new love, she better be ready for me. Almost feel sorry for her already.

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