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2018-12-29 18:25:11 (UTC)

Twin flame

Listening to: Ring my Bell - Enrique Iglesias
Sometimes you love her
Sometimes you don't
Sometimes you need it then you don't and you let go
Sometimes we rush it
Sometimes we fall
It doesn't matter baby we can take it real slow
'Cause the way that we touch is something that we can't deny
And the way that you move oh you make me feel alive
Come on...
I love to dance to this song, so sensual

Today was a good day overall.. Nothing too exciting going on, just errands and a nail appointment. It's been a fairly quiet day. I am exhausted mentally however. I came home from my nail appointment and purged my closet as well as my daughters.. Tomorrow I will take the bags to the women's shelter again.. They are in need they said..Alot of mine are too big now..hopefully someone can get use of them. I also picked up a few packages from Costco of bathroom tissue and feminine products as I got an email stating they were in need so I will get those dropped off.
I made dinner and had a few bites but still no appetite. I know some people eat when they are stressed, not me...I can't stomach anything.
Tonight I am just going to relax and do more research, both for my submissive journal as well as work on my meditation. I got a text from that girl from the gym, thanking me for this morning :) that was so sweet.. we text a bit back and forth. I really hope she takes me up on my offer to help her. She seemed so sweet and genuine. I would love to be a part in her transformation..even just as a cheerleader. She's a kind soul.
I am so cold.. I can't get warm. My friends all have this big new years celebration planned, supposed to be 30-40 people there. They keep begging me to go..but honestly I don't really want to. It gets so overwhelming. It took me a few days to recover from the nights I had out at the club. I told them I would think about it but in all honesty I don't think I am going to go, still a few days to decide but I am leaning towards just staying in and having a quiet night at home. That scene isn't just me.. I kind of want 2018 to go quietly. The first 11 months of the year went really well.. the last month has really been difficult. More so these past 3 weeks.
I had yet another tarot card reading. I am having these done from all different places, not staying with the same deck in the same place or the same reader.. it's all varied so I get different responses and different vibes from readings. The one thing I can say is all 4 have hit too close to home not to be true. Each of them mirror the one before.. Just extensions of one another. It's been kinda eye opening to the views of tarot card reading. I don't know if the tarots are true as far as what's to come or what will happen in my life but they nailed some things spot on as to some of the struggles I am facing and even as deep as specific thoughts and feelings I have felt.. Things I have said to myself. Internal dialogue as well as personalities. I would love to learn to read tarot but I think I have enough on my plate right now.
During my recent self growth I have been studying things about love, relationships, spiritual connections and one of the most compelling thing I have been reading is about is twin flames. If you do not believe in twin flames or fate, may wish to skip the writing below. I myself am a big believer in it and wanted to share here in case anyone is curious about relationships and the universes way of helping you recognize your twin flame.
I have always been a big believer in twin flames, if you are unfamiliar with what twin flame is.... basically before you are born, your soul has two parts, kind of like ying and yang. When you are born your souls splits into two souls, a divine masculine and divine feminine, so pretty much your one soul is split into two different people. Twin flame relationships are often confused as soulmates relationships. When you meet your twin flame won't be like a "normal" meeting. It will be serendipitous. It's hard to explain, it's different for everyone.. There's no such thing as a coincidence, the way you meet and the way you connect is just unlike any other. It will be far more different than you have met anyone in your life. You pick up something prior to meeting them, like a foreshadow. You will feel immediately comfortable. You feel very at ease with them. When the relationship develops, you will notice certain quirks that mirror yours. They will share similar pasts. You will notice similarities. Once you start to get past the comfort and the honeymoon is over.. past baggage will start to come out, they will start to bother you, they will make you feel things you've never felt, they will anger you or make you feel unlike any other but that's because they mirror you.. they shine a light on your shadow self. There will be so many familiar traits you share, finding same humor in things but you are both so different. You will be very different but it will complete one another. One may be more talkative, one may be quiet, one may be detail oriented, one may be big picture oriented's a mistake thinking you will be similar because you are a ying and yang completing each other, their strengths will be your weakness, their weakness will be your strength. Your futures will have the same ideas.. You will be polar opposites but making a complete whole together. They will also be your spiritual catalyst, so before you may be sorta spiritual or curious but once you meet your twin flame you will evolve in ways spiritually you never imagined. You will get into manifestation and become your best self. You will grow in ways you've never grown before, spiritually.. you will be your best self. A twin flame reunion is meant to change the world, your world. Both of you will work better together than apart. Your twin flame will bring out the kind soul in you. If you think someone is your twin flame.. you will know it. A twin flame is your perfect mirror.. the most powerful way a twin flame recognize each other by their energy, their vibes. It's like this.. twin flames recognize each other from their completion level, the only ones who can complete ourselves, is ourselves, your twin flame is your reflection, your perfect mirror, in other words they are another you, in a different time and space. That's why the more complete you become, the whole you become in yourself, the more you'll recognize your twin flame because you become a sense of oneness. They recognize one another in how they make each other feel, vibes don't lie. You can be talking to them for mere moments and you feel like you have known them your entire life. You wonder how it's possible..but it's because it's you. They can part but their souls never will. Twin flames share the same heart..your happiness is their happiness..their sadness is their sadness.. both of you are each others best friends, lovers, therapists. Nobody can draw out of you what your twin flame can. They can be silly with you, yet serious with you. Twin flames recognize each other on a vulnerability don't have secrets.. they can't hide from each other, they know what each other is feeling, they know what you are thinking..they know regardless of how far apart you are. They can read you like a book. You are your authentic vulnerable self with your twin flame. There is only mutual love.. Twin flames help us awaken like nobody else. Because they are perfect mirror, they sometimes tell us things we don't want to hear. Nobody else will have a greater impact in your life like your twin flame, nobody else will make you feel more than your twin flame does, more happiness yes but also more pain. It is amazing, but it also is filled with twists and turns.. Twin flames don't always make it on their first attempt.. sometimes one soul is just not ready.. They were bringing so much out of you, its frustrating so one of you will be the runner.. This always happens in the twin flame relationship, it's always a resistance and acceptance but forces will always bring you back together, no matter how far apart you are, your twin flame, your heart always know this is your twin flame. Somehow, will always gravitate back together. It's destiny.. Anyways, I babbled enough, this is just something I find intriguing.
I hope I explained it well..
Well, think I will go cuddle with my puppy and do some more research til sleep finds me..
Have a wonderful evening all <3