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2018-12-29 13:53:45 (UTC)

Gym and steak

Crossfit class this morning. I'm not a morning workout type of guy but I guess it's ok if just on Sat and Sun. Body hasn't really healed yet from the day before but I'm needing to keep my man-card so I go. We had 6 different routines today (not quite sure what to call it yet). Nothing hard. I love pushing the weighted sleds. My calf muscles are probably the only muscles I have that I can always depend on. Maybe it's from doing a lot of jump rope. Don't know but my gym peep asked me to look at each other's calves once. So gay!!! haha. Anyway, he said that we supposed to have heart shaped calves? Didn't know what he meant by that but when we did flex our calves, it did look heart shaped. Cool!!

The only thing I sort of struggled with was the side lunges with weights. I was doing fine with a 30 lb dumbbell doing side lunges but then the coach said to extend the weight out in front after the side lunge. Screw that! Struggled to keep that out in front of me fully extended. Maybe the first 6 of 20 but by the 8th, 9th, 10th, I was feeling it and that's only half way. Sleds were much better. I was passing peeps by that started before me.

Got a text later from my work peeps. They said if I wanted to have a late breakfast and so I did. Went for the 10 ounce steak, hash browns, eggs, and toast. Not the best food for someone that monitors their weight. I ate the steak, very little hash browns , 1/2 of the toast and scarfed both eggs. Yeah, not the best diet but I tried to keep the carbs down.

Just got home and got another group text from my dart peeps. They invited me to the movies. Why the heck not? There is a theater here that shows new movies but just been out for awhile. 4 bucks so it's cheap :) Going to clean up the house a bit, laundry, shower, and off I go again.

My hottie online friend "M" messaged me today. She's cool. Weird but I always look forward to her messages now. We both live in different worlds in separate Countries but I've gotten to know her better. If she lived here locally, we'd be even closer and I'd invite her to my inner circle of good friends ( No actual invite and this is just a statement indicating that she is very special) . Friends that I've known for years. My little special clique that usually takes awhile for me to bring in but I sense something special about her. I understand her and the uniqueness between us makes her a very interesting person to get to know.

Another good day so far :)

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