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2018-12-29 09:30:53 (UTC)

You just have to find the drive

I slept really well and woke at 6:30, hit the gym til 8:30, it seems the resolutioners are filing in a bit early..was getting fairly busy around 8am. Theory is they'll be gone by 3rd week of January lol. I hope's nice to see people being pro-active in their health and well being. I saw one girl there, she was much bigger and could not figure out how to get the weights set properly so I asked her if she wanted help. I am no pro but nobody else seemed to care. I felt so bad...she was embarrassed..told me it's been awhile since she's been in the gym.. she was nervous to be here and not knowing anyone.. I said "well you know me now"... I introduced myself and offered to work out with her.. She was so happy. I showed her around and helped her use some equipment while I did my own workout as well. I didn't get the intensity I usually do but I enjoyed helping her. I could sense her nervousness and embarrassment so I wanted to help her feel more confident. I am not a trainer but I have been working out for 6 years. We worked out together for about an hour together and I think she will feel it later lol. She told me she's trying to lose weight and I told her about my weight loss journey. I even showed her a few before pics..She said "I hope I can achieve this too"...I told her.. "you will, you just have to find the drive inside you".... we talked a bit more and had some laughs..I told her when I am usually there and she's welcome to join me anytime :) I gave her my cell and said don't be afraid to text me. She hugged me goodbye when she left. I really hope she takes me up on it.. She seemed like a genuine soul. I finished my reps and came home, showered and now my tea as per usual.
I have my nail appointment at 230. Then a few errands. Easy day.. I am washing all the bedding and cleaning the house today. Last night before bed I was laying in bed and reading about abilities and how to tune into them. As I have said here before, I do have abilities..the ones I know of are intuition and empathy. I do know I have others as I have heard, seen and felt other spirits. I want to tune into that more. They say one way to open your mind to receiving such things is meditation. I do meditate but this is of a different practise.. I spent a good portion of the evening and thought well this is going to be much harder than it looks.. Not necessarily lol, I learned while sleeping....they come when they choose to, not when you choose them. I had a few weird instances last night that woke me several times. As I said..this is not new.. I have had things happen in the past but I think last night I was more receptive than usual. I am hoping to develop them more. My grandmother had abilities and she's the one who helped me learn how to handle them. She would explain how to not fear them but embrace them...She just never taught me how not to get overwhelmed when it came to my empath ability. Sometimes its debilitating, is why I usually don't prefer larger crowds, too many emotions. I know there are believers and non-believers but to each their own :)
Anyways.. I should go and do my hair and makeup.. I hope everyone has a wonderful day <3