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2018-12-28 23:14:52 (UTC)

Date with my eye candy friend

Got a text after coming home from the gym from my old friend that I haven't seen in awhile. She is Lithuanian. Cute accent and is a 9.5 out of 10. We've been friend for years now. Now hope of anything romantic from her but still.... God damn beautiful eye candy. Blue eyes 5'4". Long blond hair. Sexy accent. But.... just a friend. No matter, it was a nice night and she made me feel good.

We caught up with what's been happening with our lives this past year. We actually discussed some awesome topics and it was very interesting. Still, I can't help but notice her lips looks like Katherine Zeta Jones's lips. Blue eyes like Meg ryan. Can't compare her hair with anyone but it was long just like I like it. haha.

Anyway, we did discuss our past relationships or failed relationship. I know her ex bf for years now and we compared notes. We also discussed other things that was very enlightening. I even asked her for her opinion about what she looks for in a man and what's wrong with me specifically or at least what she feels I can improve in. She did mention the physic was one issue but now that she's seen me again, she say now I look good. You see, the last time I saw her, I wasn't working out yet so I was near 200 lbs. She says before, that was a problem but I'm fit now.

We discussed some deep thinking concepts and I blew her away with some of the insights I see now. Told her that the advent of youtube helped me out a lot along with reading a lot more now.

We closed the restaurant down. We were having such a good time chatting we stayed way past closing time. The only saving grace was because I tipped the waiter good so he let us hang out. We finally parted ways and she said we'll have to do this again some time. We may hook up again as we find each other interesting because of the topics we discussed and I'm safe as far as wanting to go after her so she knows I won't do anything. Anyway, good to see a woman's view on things. Especially a gorgeous woman like her.

I will sleep well tonight. Feels like I got some of my mojo back. Been a great week. Hope I don't jinx it by mentioning it. Even so, 4 or 5 good days in a row is a miracle for me. I will take it :)

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