Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2018-12-28 18:39:18 (UTC)


Dear diary,

I thought the days of homophobia has passed. Leon told his sis that he is bisexual, I'm guessing in a panic she told their parents. The sheer amount that Leon's ears suffered this day is her fault alone. Damn the day I see that bitch face to face. It's very hard to earn my forgiveness, and the only way I see myself just breathing calmly when in the same room as her is if she says sorry, gives a hug, supports him and all of the community and gets their parents to calm the fuck down too. I want to kill the bitch. Damn every soul that hates on the LGBT to hell, the only place they belong. As a bisexual myself, I hate all of them. I hate Nana too, she's a jerk. Nana doesn't want to admit it, or even realize it, that she is a no good stubborn old racist that claims for her soul to be pure with god. Go to hell you crazy bastard. "It's how they grew up" that's no excuses for continuing acts of hatred. They call themselves divine, faithful, loving, caring, wholesome, friendly, well mannered, helpful, forgiving, open minded and elegant. Reality check! they are no earthly good, racist, backstabbing, hateful, uncaring, homophobic, trans-phobic, stubborn trashy scum bags.

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