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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
2018-12-28 17:38:09 (UTC)

Trying to save a part of you

Listening to: I'll never love again - Lady Gaga (Been on loop for the last hour)

Wish I could, I could've said goodbye
I would've said what I wanted to
Maybe even cried for you
If I knew it would be the last time
I would've broke my heart in two
Tryin' to save a part of you

Such a beautiful of those songs that really make you think..

I took a nap when I got home and then did some reading and researching and writing in my submissive journal. I am just making dinner but as usual I am not hungry but I am going to force myself to eat something. I ate half a yogurt today. Need to eat something else.
Work ended quietly thankfully. Now I am off a few days.. Looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow but still want to hit the gym fairly early. I find it's a good outlet to the stress I go through lately.
My girlfriends tried again to get me to go out tonight. I declined again.. they said I need to stop dwelling and living like a hermit. Isn't that. it's, I am not the type who likes bars and crowds. I prefer a blanket, hot tea and a good Hallmark movie while cuddling my puppy.. that's my security and my comfort so as much as I appreciate the offer and their concern.. I prefer to stay in.
I have a nail appointment tomorrow. Always makes me feel good to change the color, simple things make me happy lol. Not sure what else the weekend will bring but I am hoping to do more reading, research and writing in my submissive journal. It's also been a good outlet. I see my growth in myself over the past few weeks.
I want to finish watching my movie tonight I mentioned in this mornings entry . The secret sex life of a single mom"..Its a really good peek into bdsm. It's not as dramatized as 50 Shades series, in my opinion that was poorly done. This one explains what a true Dominant is like. It shows His participation in improving a woman's life. Helping her reach her goals and gain her confidence. Isn't just about sex. It's a view inside her discovery of being submissive as well as having enough confidence to explore her sexuality in a confident way. In my's really well done. I found the Dominant to be genuine and a good characterization of the role of a Dominant although (spoiler) I wish they ended up together in the end.
I recently saw the new Sandra Bullock movie "The bird box" was captivating from the moment it started.. Wasn't scary like people claim, it was more sci-fi.. there was no horror to it.. I recommend's riveting.
Ok well dinner is done and served and I managed to eat a few bites.. I am going to go soak in a hot tub and relax a little before settling in and watching my movie.
Have a wonderful evening <3