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2018-12-28 10:32:38 (UTC)

Feeling the workout from yesterday

Some things stick out from yesterday's workout. Dumbell snatches, bear crawls, and wall ball lateral tosses. We had other circuits but those are the three that made me feel it today. I know snatches are mostly powered by my legs but my arms hurt like heck today. I'm in my cubicle today trying to massage my arms and trying to work out the pain. lol So much that it almost looks like I'm having sex with myself. haha. My arms hurt!!! But it's good because it means I'm shaping my body for the better and it's a reminder to myself that I'm alive.

Bear crawls are easy... for the first couple of minutes until you start feeling the burn. Going backwards are even harder. Then the lateral wall ball tosses are a bee-atch too! Squatting to pick up a 50 pound slam ball, tossing it laterally, running to it and squatting to pick it up to do the same thing again and again. ugh... Again, easy at first but then after some time, you really raise your heart rate from doing so. We had what was calle AMRAP (As many reps as possible). Just allowed a block of time and go at your own pace. However, you don't move to the next cat until a certain person in your group is done with a certain thing. In this case, 16 dumbbell snatches by your other group partner before you rotate.

Sorry, this isn't the most exciting of posts I know but I thought I'd put it out there since I never get specific about my gym crossfit classes. I just always say I went but that is usually it.

Anyway, I weighed myself and I'm down to 156 lbs today. I was getting up there during Christmas eve and day meals. My coach says 160 lbs should be where I'm at. I think I'm idling at 155. My best was 149 lbs. That's when I was flying at the gym. But I think breaking up with my ex gf had something to do with that. Not having an appetite during breakup and I went to the gym 27 days in a row at one point (to keep my sanity).

Otherwise, I'm in Webex mtgs till 1PM. haha. That's how I'm able to post right now. Sometimes technical peeps just like to hear themselves and talk about non important info. blah blah blah blah. haha

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