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2018-12-28 10:13:21 (UTC)

Slow day

At work, I slept well but woke at 4am and couldn't sleep so I used that time to put in a lil extra at the gym. I worked out til 6:30 and came home, showered and got ready for work. As you can tell we just crazy busy..not lol.
I watched a movie last night and began watching it this morning while getting ready. It's called "The secret sex life of a single mom"..It's a bdsm based movie, I have seen it many times and just somehow it draws me in every time I watch it. I hope to finish watching it again tonight. No wild plans for me tonight.. I was asked to go out by my girlfriends tonight but really that isn't me hanging out at clubs and drinking. I am a homebody, not a party girl. I would live the 24/7 lifestyle if I could.
I keep getting distracted by work..the nerve lol. It's slow here but with year ending there is so much to do. My boss keeps giving me little tasks to keep me busy as he knows I dislike being idle..usually gets me in trouble lol.
The Dom I was talking to, B, keeps texting me... I haven't responded to the text but I sent an email with the same things I said yesterday. He is persistent I will give him that. I was honest. I just said my heart is not ready. It's still with my former. I am not ready to move forward with Him at this point. I didn't feel that connection I felt with my former Dom.. I didn't feel that friendship that enhanced the Ds..I didn't feel comfortable sharing the daily details of my life and I didn't feel that connection where when something happens, I turn to Him.. It was that way with my former. He was the first one I went to. He's a great guy and physically, He's very easy on the eyes but I need that connection.
I keep rereading the tarot reading I had. It's so amazing how well detailed it is, truly nailed some things right on the head and in such can tarot not be true? I know there are alot of nonbelievers out there but I believe in all that stuff. My girlfriend and I talked about doing a trip to go see Waverly Hills, do one of the tours they offer. That would be so incredible. I am a huge believer in all that stuff, I think mostly because I have my own abilities. Anyways, should be fun.
I am tired now, sleepies kicking in. That extra hour really makes a difference. I may nap today..My body has been under a tremendous amount of stress the last 3 weeks and I can see the toll it is taking on my body not to mention my mind.
Well finishing up at work so will write more later.