The Queen

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2018-12-08 13:35:25 (UTC)

To 6/12/18

Dear Silkworm,
I failed or better to say Natha failed me because he said he would. Haha my attitude? what even! Yani if he was unfair . Let Allah see to him. See there I didn't curse , I didn't forgive , I left it to Allah. He cleared Hareem who had failed in mid term . Wow.! Okay.
And here comes A and R. 'Apne nakhun kat lo.' 'Aaj jumma h aaj katunga.' ..
Lol to the types of friendships.
And I'm sleepy af and going to play badminton on Monday . What ever must have I done with my life!
And guess what Mo forgot my gift... I really am not the kind who'll beg you for gift but if you don't I'll take it to heart ,honestly. Like I didn't even matter enough to wish me on the day but because that was Shavaizs' birthday so yeah it becomes advanced. And nothing from Har . Oh trust me I'm a tag along friend . Am I even your friend? Are you mine? No I'm just a tag along ..