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2018-12-27 19:58:36 (UTC)

tarot reading, parka's and mittens

3rd entry today, I know.. I have no life (jk) lol.

Listening to: She's like the wind - Patrick Swayze

I finished making dinner and took a nice long bath while doing some reading and research. I had another tarot reading done and the answers were, she nailed so many things to the letter about me and my life.. I will eventually post it but at the moment I just want to absorb it and figure out what it means and what to do about it.
I am glad I have a few days off after tomorrow. I received an email from my boss tonight informing me I am going to be training a new guy tomorrow and next week. Not sure why I am but I am happy my boss has the confidence in me to do such. It was more a "will you?" type email but I am not the type to say no lol.
My ex-husband was texting me tonight... we get along for the most part. He was asking relationship advice..He's been doing that more and more lately, more so with this new girl he just broke up with. I said "are you sure you should be asking me this stuff? You recall I AM your ex-wife?" lol He laughed and said well I trust your opinion..So I told him my honest thoughts. I know mutuals who know her and I have heard from them as well as my ex..what she's done to him. She is not a good person. Multiple fake pregnancies, cheating, lying, used him for money. I told him honestly he needs to move on. I told him he can't wait for her to tell him what to do with his life or what his future will look like. Decide for himself. Move on.. let her go and focus on himself. He deserves someone better, he just has to believe it himself. Told him I know what a broken heart looks like because I am there so I know it isn't easy. He said " I am so happy someone is listening and saying stuff back that actually makes sense, thank you" I hope it helped and I hope he heard me. Just because we didn't work..he gave me my most treasured gift so I want him to find happiness, however that looks.
I cannot get warm for anything. I had the death grip on my mug. One thing I have noticed about the weight loss I have had over the years is how easily I get cold. Like I lost my insulation lol. I threatened to wear parka and mittens at work tomorrow. My boss called me a dork lol.
The song ..Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh just came on and made me laugh (SS you'll understand this lol)
That's my cue to say goodnight and go soak up some puppy cuddles and watch some tv and perhaps make it an early night.
Have a wonderful evening <3