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2018-12-26 23:25:34 (UTC)

Two great days in a row

So... I waited till now. It's currently 11:26PM as I'm typing this but I had another great day!!!!! My online friend and I are doing fine. We share the same issues but we've become friends. She likes to shop just like I do but instead of cool woman stuff, I buy cool guy stuff. lol. Work was nice and easy today. We even had fun in our weekly Engineering mtg where usually, it's a bitch fest. Today, everyone was laughing and having fun. I already said the gym was fun and when I got home, I had a nice quiet dinner and another peaceful night. Instead of coffee, I'm having some alcohol to relax.

Again, it's two days in a row of peace and bliss. I sort of planned this though. A youtube tutorial told me something and I'm giving it a go. The speaker indicates that I should surround myself with positive people. So I've been hanging out with my core friends I met playing darts for all these year to socialize. I've been hanging around this very nice guy that everyone likes at work. Everyone likes him. He don't say no to helping anyone and he is a bright Network Engineer. Then at the gym, I texted my gym rat cutie and we agreed to go to the gym today at the 4:30PM session.

You know what? Surrounding yourself with positive happy people does work. I guess via osmosis or something but hanging around with them surrounds you with their happy aura. Makes mine light up too. I'm pretty happy right now. I won't be able to keep up this schedule of hanging out with happy peeps all the time but it leads me to believe I need to be like this. Why am I sucking up peeps aura? I should be the better person and give out good vibes too.

But I know I'm damaged goods right now. Let me heal. Let me find myself again and then we shall see. I'm just lucky enough to have great friends at my social outings, work, the gym, etc, etc. Somehow someway, I've always been lucky and great at making friends. It's the other department that I seem to have my challenges. Oh well, I'm working on it. Till tomorrow my diary :) It's been a good two days.