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2018-12-26 18:47:36 (UTC)

Today's gym workout

Great day at the gym today. I didn't go since Sunday so that's 3 freaking days off. Gym was closed so I didn't have a choice. So today, not much of me was in pain so we rocked it. Burpee into plank jacks. Arnold presses, Speed step ups, TRX shit that burned our core, reverse lunges, squats with 50 lb kettle bells. We went round and round for an hour.

My gym rat friend and I have a great time there. We kid around a lot when we work out. Always egging each other to do more, faster, etc, etc. We laugh so much while working out. Next thing you know, the hour is up when it feels like only 10 min went by. Now that's the kind of workout I like. The kind where we are having fun.

My gym rat is actually a very pretty woman. She has blond hair and blue eyes. About 5'2:". But we're just friends. I don't poop where I eat. We've become close over the past year and she knows about my breakup with my ex gf. She knew I was there at the gym classes but my head wasn't into it like normal. She helped me out and now I'm having fun at the gym again.

I got her some Christmas presents and she like them a lot. All junk food really. One was a one pound dark chocolate. A big ceramic jar of chocolate covered cookies, and a little stuffed animal that I won back in Reno awhile ago. She like it. She gave me a tin of candy too. Haha. Gym peeps exchanging the worse kind of gifts for gym going peeps.

Anyway, besides work and the gym, that was my day.

One small confession. I did email my ex gf. First time in almost two months. I just emailed her saying I wish her and her family a Merry Christmas. End of quote. No response needed and expected. Also, I think I'm now strong enough to uncheck the unfollow button on Facebook. I now am strong enough to see whatever she posts and I think I'm strong enough now to be able to be the better man and move on without freaking out on any of her posts. She too should go out in this world and seek the happiness she as we all are looking for. So no hard feelings. At least that's where I stand right now anyway. Should I feel different and weak, then unfollowing her is just a click away. I may even unfriend her but some youtube vids indicate that this is a show of weakness on my part and only proves I can't suck it up yet. So that's why I haven't unfriended her yet.

That's enough of her. I'm guessing tomorrow, my body will be feeling the love that I put myself through tonight. That's just fine with me. Great indicator that I am alive in this world and I like it :)