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2018-12-26 21:01:00 (UTC)

Tarot reading..

I know this is my 3rd entry today but I wanted to keep this in a place I would be able to look back on.

I had a tarot reading, I was to ask 3 questions..They were;
1. Will I find happiness in a Ds relationship in the future?
2. Will it be someone I know or someone I knew or someone new?
3. Would you have a first initial who I am to watch for?

Normally.. I would not put too much into tarot readings, being an empath and an intuitive I feed off emotions. I believe in fate however so I decided to try a reading through someone who reads tarots. They do not know I am an empath or that I have abilities at all..So getting this reading..really kinda made me think, How did she know?

This is her reading...

Queen of wands, the star, and the moon.

I believe they go in order of the questions. While I cannot provide specifics, I can provide some insight. The queens of wands suggests it could be a very good relationship. Seems like they have a very energetic, confident and warm soul. It’s sincere and optimistic.

As for someone you may know or knew, I drew a card of hope, inspiration, generosity and faith. Leads to inner strength and a sense of peace. I think this may mean it could be someone you look up to. I’m not sure if that’s what it means or if it means that’s their character.

As for what to look out for, I drew the moon which signifies dreams, subconscious, psychic abilities and intuition. You have that gift I sense. You will know what it is when it happens. Or you may already know. Find your inner voice.

Kinda freaky..

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