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2018-12-25 13:55:35 (UTC)

Something magical happening

So I don't know why but I'm so at peace right now. How and why? I don't know. I woke up craving my normal coffee to detox. lol. I'm loving it. Watching TV enjoying my nice warm cozy home having probably my 4th cup of coffee sugar and cream free to keep my weight in check. I use stevia instead which is close enough to make it taste ok. I'm feeling so good right now and I'm so glad that I am. It just came to me today somehow.

It's not raining today like yesterday which is nice because I'll be going over to my friend's house. We'll have it outside so I'm glad it's going to be a sunny day. He'll be having ribs and chicken with some kind of potatoes. I'll bring some pies that were store bought but it's a good pie store so peeps should like it. I don't need the sugar so I can't even have a single piece of it. haha.

My online friend from this site is going to have a nice day from what I can see and I'm happy for her too. She is a hottie. She sent me a couple of pics and although she is hurting a bit from a breakup, little does she know she's got it all. Heart, body, and soul. I think she'll have a great year in 2019. I hope I have 1/2 as good a year as she will have.

Otherwise, I guess I need to get ready and head out to be with my friends. Merry Christmas peeps!! It's a good day today :) Let's all enjoy it and not have it to be a doom-and-gloom day. Let's just have one good day :)

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