Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2018-12-24 02:12:15 (UTC)

The Hot Sauce

Dear diary,

We had nachos for dinner and I brought dad a bottle of hot sauce, my brother also opened a bottle of hot sauce. We now have two opened bottles of hot sauce. I know dad is agitated about his game but he seemed slightly upset that there are now two opened bottles. It's a silly thing to be annoyed over, they won't spoil. I'm now just hiding in my room, I don't like to be out there when dad is upset. He is in his own room but still, I'm staying in here. My dad's first emotion is anger and today it was over the hot sauce. He isn't abusive, but he can get angry at everything. I'm just scared a little now, because I was in the room when he found out that a bottle of hot sauce was opened and to him that means he has to direct his emotions at me. No he didn't yell and I'm very sure he's truly mad at his game, but he still gave me a very irritated tone when he said, "well I guess we have two bottles of cholula open now!" he then took a deep sigh. I really don't understand my father. People say I'm allot like him though, some say I look like him, guess I need to start shaving.

Until next time! This is Nala Toph

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