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2018-12-23 20:29:02 (UTC)

No ho-ho spirit.

Quiet remainder of the day, I finished making dinner, put the laundry away, did the dishes and relaxed in a scolding hot tub with a lush bomb and a hot tea. Felt good, felt my stress fade away as I just closed my eyes..for the moment I could just forget everything and everyone. It felt good for the time. Now I am laying on my sofa as I type away on my laptop but my puppy keeps interrupting by placing his paw on my arm wanting attention. I keep pausing to suck him up. Will be a short entry tonight as he just wants cuddles.
The Dom I am talking to, wants to see me tomorrow after work for a brief bit, just to connect before Christmas gets chaotic for us both. I agreed so we will meet up for a few just to have a quick coffee and talk. We had a bit of a disagreement today and I was ready to back out due to a situation similar to what I had when my ex and I first started.. We managed to talk about it and I understood after His explanation. All was fine..We both agreed I am not His yet..(despite him wanting me to be) I am not ready yet and my heart is still elsewhere.. I need to go slow. He understands and is content with the time/attention I am able to give at this moment.
I absolutely love Christmas but honestly..this year? I just want it over.. I have no ho ho spirit.. I should considering how important this Christmas is..I just don't. I just want it over and for 2019 to come. A new year...hopefully full of happiness, this year was good but losing someone I love so deeply..well..isn't how I wanted this year to end..I need to focus on myself this coming year and hit my goals and finish this journey I started many years ago. I see the finish line.. I am not waiting til 2019 to start my resolutions, I am starting boxing day.
Looks like NY's eve may be fun.. Can't go into much detail now because it's still in the works.. but if it goes as good as I am hoping.. It will be an incredible way to ring in the new years. We shall see..
Ok puppy is not letting to go cuddle up and watch some Chicago Beef Cakes.
PS I will be changing my diary name..soon