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2018-12-23 15:59:49 (UTC)

Crossfit Keeps me sane

Man.. the crossfit class was so good today. The coach we had today is the toughest one of all of them. He has the hardest routine for us to do. My cores and arms hit full exhaustion today. Weighted sit up and weighted reverse crunches are brutal. Then we did push ups and chin ups. The others were tough but bearable. I kicked ass. There are bigger, younger, stronger guys that I blew away today. I can see on the side of my eye that they pause to rest when we're doing heaters. I see them stop when we're doing quick ropes.

All this is not really strength alone. I just had too much guts and determination to do my best. I have so much on my mind and this is my stress relief. When I'm done, I'm not worried at all about life and it's consequences. All I know is to just kick ass as hard as I can and not stop.