Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-12-23 21:15:12 (UTC)

When Did Everything Become So Serious?

I don't know what it is but everything is agitating me today, maybe I didn't get enough sleep or something. I just feel so pissed off. I'm not in the Christmas spirit at all. I'm in such a foul mood, it's unreal. I wish I could snap out of it. I don't know what to do to try and improve my mood, not just today but generally. When did everything become so serious? I used to be able to have such a laugh, if things didn't work out then it was just an 'Oh well' but now everything is the end of the world, it's pathetic.

I stress too much, I overthink, I'm too hard on myself, nothing is ever good enough. I don't know how to break out of this mindset. Maybe I should just call it a night. I don't even have the desire or motivation to really get into a video game tonight, I feel too annoyed with everything. Maybe I'll fix myself up a disaronno or something. I sound like such a grumpy, miserable bastard. Today has really been a day to forget.


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