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2018-12-23 13:20:53 (UTC)

Moving forward

I am back...It was a good weekend (mostly) few minor moments of reflection, sadness and tears but I think overall I gained clarity. I realized I was the only one in this past relationship missing the other. I came to the realization I needed to move forward, on.. He doesn't want me in His life anymore and has made It clear.. So I took a leap and met someone for coffee. He is Dom.. Local..He is so different from the Dom I recently was with. He knew my situation as I was open and up front from the beginning. He knew I was newly out of being owned and scared to get involved again.I told Him bits about our relationship but kept it mostly general. He asked about the dynamic, what worked, what didn't..I did have a few tears when I described our breakup. He was sympathetic and comforting..I apologized and He told me not to ever apologize for showing emotion, that it shows how much of myself I put into my submission. We continued to talk casually over coffee about Ds, our lives and our hopes for the future. We were together for about 90 minutes before I said I had to go as I had to meet up with a girlfriend and He insisted on walking me to my car, which was nice. We have texted since and discussed our meeting and how He and I felt it went. He said "The more I think about today the more confident I am that we are a good match" He told me He felt a strong connection and that I was very attractive. I told Him I was scared and He asked why, I said of getting hurt..He asked if I wanted Him to slow down.. I said what does your head say?" He said "My gut says move forward because you don't want to lose her, my mind wants you to be ready and willing to commit/submit" Since then it has been just talking and emailing back and forth. He is really nice and very attractive and so understanding and patient knowing where I am and not pushing for more than I can give at the moment.
He has said He thinks I am the perfect submissive.. I know I am not.. but felt good to hear.
I don't know where it's going to go...if anywhere.. but time will tell..
Rest of the weekend was good, spent it with friends, wrapping gifts and running about my city...Kiddo home soon and all will be back to normal. I did not go to the gym this morning because I was awake til 2am.. But I did Saturday.. Today is just a lazy day. I needed it.

PS...Hey SS..this isn't the gym..get going! lol

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