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2018-12-22 18:29:39 (UTC)

Finally feel better

Man oh man! The workouts this past week was pretty good. I was putting a little extra effort. I also go 1/2 hr early before and stay later after my crossfit session usually jumping rope most of the time. Anyway, I was hurting really bad these past couple of days. I was taking all the supplements. Foam rolling a lot and I was hurting so much I wanted to scream a couple of times. When you get to a knotted muscle the roller sort of gets jammed. Then when you finally roll it over the knot, the pain is effing incredible.

Today, I finally feel so much better. Don't get me wrong, I still hurt. Hamstrings still hurt a bit. Shoulders hurt. Side core hurts. Triceps hurt. Freaking muscles I never even knew what the names were till I started going to the gym. All muscles hurt but the past few days were extra painful. Finally today, it's back down to regular hurt. lol

I got complimented at the gym again today. There is a gym member that I hardly see and she saw me today. She speaks Spanish so she doesn't say much but she knows my name and she says I look good and skinny now. so that's always cool. I know I shouldn't need affirmation from others to feel better about myself. That's what I'm learning lately from my breakup. But hey, it's still nice to hear it.